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Olentangy River Bathymetric Survey

The Ohio State University/EMH&T

Columbus, Ohio

Services Provided: 
Bathymetric Survey




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Olentangy River Map
1/11/2012 11:35:00 AM

As part of a hydraulic study of the Olentangy River, Rii conducted bathymetric/hydrographic survey and mapping of the Olentangy River’s bottom using a depth sounder linked to GPS equipment. The river bottom was surveyed bank-to-bank extending from 5th Avenue to Lane Avenue adjacent to The Ohio State University campus. 

Horizontal control was established on the Ohio State Plane Coordinate System utilizing GPS equipment and procedures. Vertical control was established on the NAVD 29, and cross section elevation information was gathered at approximately 10 foot intervals crossing the river. The horizontal location of existing bridge piers were obtained as part of the survey for the five bridges. Additionally, mapping was provided depicting the existing cross section data and existing bridge information.