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Summa Health System Phase I ESAs

Summa Health System

Akron, Ohio 

Services Provided: 
Phase I ESA, Geotechnical and Survey

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10/12/2007 11:47:00 AM
Hospital Photo
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Expansion Area Photo
1/11/2012 11:31:00 AM

Rii has been providing environmental, geotechnical and survey services to Summa Health System since 2005, in the planning and design for the expansion of their Akron hospital facility (including expanded emergency room, new orthopedic center, and parking garages). The majority of this work includes completing Phase I ESAs and property boundary surveys of commercial and residential lots adjacent to the Akron hospital to evaluate the environmental condition and constructability for the hospital expansion.

In addition, Rii has conducted Phase I ESAs and boundary surveys for hospital and medical office complexes in the Akron area as part of additional Summa Health System facility acquisitions. The sites completed to date include:

  • 70 residential structures
  • A car dealership and auto repair services site
  • 3 restaurants
  • Barberton Hospital – 129,000 square foot hospital and parking garage, originally constructed in 1954
  • Anna Dean Professional Park – 5 separate medical offices/condo and one retail store complex, each complex between 4,000 to 6,300 square feet