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Missouri River Bridge at Broadway,
(Southbound Structure A-4644), 2010-2011

Missouri Department of Transportation 

Kansas City, Missouri

Services Provided: 
Ground Penetrating Radar





5/12/2011 9:23:00 AM
5/10/2011 1:09:00 PM
5/10/2011 11:29:00 AM
5/10/2011 11:24:00 AM
5/10/2011 11:23:00 AM
Deterioration Map
1/11/2012 11:32:00 AM

Rii evaluated the conditions of the Missouri River Bridge at Broadway, as well as the condition of the associated west barrier wall. This 48-span existing structure carries two southbound lanes and right and left shoulders. The total length of the bridge is 3,600 feet. Rii used GPR to locate and map the deterioration in the concrete deck and associated barrier wall.

Because the bridge has a cathodic protection system installed on the deck, Rii did not use the traditional 1000 MHz air-launched antennas to collect the data. As an alternate, Rii used the 1500 MHz ground-coupled antenna which achieved excellent results.

The same 1500 MHz ground-coupled antenna was also used to scan the entire barrier wall. Three lines of data were collected from the top, middle, and bottom of the 3600 foot long wall and scanned at intervals of half inch longitudinally and 10-inch transversely.

Rii provided the MoDOT with a final report describing the data collected, along with a GPR data analysis predicting deterioration through a series of deterioration maps created from the GPR survey results.