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Environmental, Health, Safety, Sustainability and Engineering Services

City of Cleveland, Department of Public Utilities 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Services Provided: 
Environmental, engineering, and laboratory services

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Since 2009, Rii has been providing professional services to fulfill the Cleveland Department of Public Utilities’ need for environmental, safety, engineering and laboratory testing services.  Rii was selected for the ability to respond to the complex nature of the City’s operations by supplementing the skills of current staff. Rii provides support for the Department’s three divisions which include the Cleveland Water Department, Cleveland Public Power, and Division of Water Pollution Control.

Tasks completed are routine annual projects, emergency responses, and/or critical tasks as part of departmental operations. In the first two years of the contract, more than 50 task orders were completed.


  • Employee Risk Assessments
  • Employee Health and Safety Services
  • Title V Permit Assistance
  • Air Fee Emissions Reporting
  • Laboratory Analyses
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Phase I and II ESAs
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Energy Audits
  • Green and Sustainable Design Services
  • Environmental Health Sampling and Analyses 
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Materials Testing and Analyses
  • Inspection (and Cleaning) of Sanitary Sewers
  • Alternative Stormwater Management Services
  • Water Treatment Residuals Analyses